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Film History Pioneers! The Female Three Stooges of Stags.

December 1, 2013




I am afraid the story of Bebe, Zona and Lou will have to be a photo essay for the most part.  As innocent and downright perky the trio were, no one thought to document their on screen stag antics. 
Fortunately, the fellow who found the forties threesome has been generous enough to load them up on YouTube for all to enjoy.

There weren’t any female Three Stooges, but then one would not really like to see Moe, Larry and Curly dance around in scanties.  So take Bebe, Zona and Lou!  These young women were screen comedy pioneers, but more the kind shown on a sheet hanging on the wall of a gas station just out of town.  By invitation only. NO nudity, not even close. In fact barely a glimpse of giant women’s briefs…but still, they manage to create some heat.  Slapstick Stag! That’s the way it was back then.   

They did some half a dozen or more shorts.  A fellow who I won’t name found them, each a 16mm film (not 8mm) so they were at least semi-professional, and sure enough there actually was a Hollywood Q.T Productions, and it didn’t stand for Quentin Tarantino.  I think it stood for “on the Q. T.” which is grandparent slang for secret or covert.  These qualify.  It also could stand for “cutie” which they were…even if one did assume the role of Moe.

What about the dames?  Well…Hollywood is a cruel mistress.  Presuming each used their real first names, and I believe they did…the complete credits are pretty slim.  Zona Siggins was in “Wild Women of Wongo” an exploitation film of the same time.  Bebe Berto was in it too!  I guess they traveled in pairs!  The girls played “Ulama Girls” which were Amazon Jungle babes who tormented explorers, I guess. 

Bebe Berto was also in “Test Tube Babies” in 1948, and played “Zee Zee” in “The Devil’s Sleep.”  Both films traveled the carnival and circus routes to be shown in smokers and Midnight Rambles after the kids went home. 

The films are hilarious, innocent and quite lovely in a goofy girly way.  Each actress was one of the thousands of women who thought themselves glamorous enough to make it in film. They did. 

In 1948 there was a brief note that Q.T Productions was “under new management” in the Film World and A-V News.

A few of the series?

Figuratively Speaking (The Girls visit a “charm school” and stretch in their undies)

What the Bell Boy Saw (The Girls go to a hotel and stretch in their undies)

Hot Numbers (The Girls play strip poker and stretch in their undies)

Tillie’s Temptation (The Girls can’t help themselves and stretch in their undies, one of them anyway)  You get the picture.



Charming film history graciously preserved and presented by a generous gentleman.  No need to share them here, anyone will be able to find them.
Books and Ebooks by Jim Linderman and available HERE

Texas Stag Film History by Jim Linderman Elmo Checks Out

April 5, 2013

The True Story of Elmo Red and his Cabin of Pornography  Texas Vice Crime of the 1950s
Why Texas Monthly, a very well written periodical, seems to have overlooked the story of Elmo “Red” Lawrence is beyond me, but once again it is up to me to reveal the seedy, lurid underbelly of culture, this time Texas-sized sleaze!   I mean please…they lionized famous pussycat Candy Barr..but they miss Elmo Red?  You guys don’t even have an intern down there who could knock this story out?

Elmo “Red” Florence has a very bad week back in 1955.  Greatest moments in Vintage Sleaze #15.

Elmo Florence, AKA “Red” ran ABC Film Company out of Houston, Texas in the mid-1950s which rented out reels of  “over 15,000 film subjects” in categories from Aircraft to Zoology…but he made his real money on Stags.  The rest his stock sat in boxes on the shelf, as Elmo devoted most of his attention to the racy material in FAR more demand than the dusty “industrials” he claimed to rent out. 

Houston police raided Red’s place and carted away “More than 10,000 obscene photographs, cameras, splicers, copying machines” and a small number of films, books and more.  During the raid, officers found documents linking Red to Lewis C. Allen of Dallas, and the pair was raking it in.  He distributed his stag films, most filmed in “Mexico, Chicago and North Carolina” in 35 States and it was a multimillion dollar business. 1950’s multimillion dollars.

Lewis C.Allen had been arrested in Atlanta several years earlier for exhibiting stags.  He didn’t learn.  He got arrested again doing the same thing three years later in Memphis.  Exactly when and where he hooked up with Elmo is unknown, but presumably the ABC Film Company provided a good cover.  They also found documents (such as the one shown here) which indicated Red was also in cahoots with one Wyman Parr, of Dallas, who operated the Cliff Camera Store as a cover for distributing smut.

Meanwhile, Wyman Parr had another associate, one George Robert Bly.  Bly was apparently a former Burlesque buffoon and current alcoholic.  This is 1958.  Parr and Allen operated a miniature stag film production facility in a small cabin just north of town where they churned out filthy one-reelers.  When the joint was raided, it became a federal case. 

Wyman also had business dealings with Samuel Gold of St. Louis, who also served time for conspiracy of some sort related to the lewd film field.

Elmo and Lewis were confederates in smut crime

Police also confiscated Elmo’s list of clients…arcades, fun shops, novelty stores and more.  So there is the back story.

So Elmo’s bad week?  Here you go. 

July 11, 1955 Arrested on an Obscene-Material charge and fined $2,000 and sentenced to 6 months jail time the same day.  He managed to bail himself out.

July 12, 1955  Arrested by the United States Post Office for sending obscene material through the mails.  Again Elmo bailed himself out, this time posting a $10,000 bond.

July 14, 1955  Elmo commits suicide by walking between the cars of a moving freight train.

By the way?  You Texas cops blew the Kennedy thing too.  That was a local crime at the time, and once you let J. Edgar Hoover take over, the story was buried.  And we trust you clowns to have a death penalty? 

Below is a letter from Elmo concerning 80,000 feet of porn.   Click to enlarge Red’s dirty deeds.


Jim Linderman’s Grandmother moved to Houston in 1910.  

He is the author of stuff.  This is Number 15 in the series “Greatest Moments in Vintage Sleaze” collect them all!    

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History of Pornography by Mail Order : Smut by Mail the Ebook

January 7, 2013

History of Pornography by Mail Order :  Smut by Mail the Ebook

Smut by Mail the Book now available for IPad 160 Pages $5.99
Using the archive of Original mail-order forms from the 1950s and 1960s collected by Victor Minx SMUT BY MAIL: VINTAGE GRAPHICS FROM THE GOLDEN DAYS OF OBSCENITY illustrates some 150 examples of art used to promote and sell soft-core porn.
Today laughable and virtually innocent, at the time the producers of the material were hounded by postal authorities and subjected to numerous censorship cases, which the essay by Jim Linderman discusses. Colorful, vibrant and downright odd, it is another example of formerly lost and forgotten art being brought to attention by Dull Tool Dim Bulb Books. Striking primitive and naive graphics which pre-date the punk esthetic by 20 years. Certainly one of the most unusual and interesting vernacular art books of the year.

Rare Candy Barr Performance Stag Film Found by Vintage Sleaze the Blog

March 4, 2012

A scarce original 8mm film of Candy Barr, the legendary Texas burlesque queen has apparently been found by Vintage Sleaze the Blog. Turned up in a lot of stag films with what appears to be a hand-stamped title “VEGAS VIXON 1″ the pictures here were scanned from the original film.

The film was shot at the same location as the now famous and remarkable “My Tale is Hot” sequence now familiar, but the dancer is wearing white, not black…though very little clothing of any color. Could this, the “white” version, have been a test (or outtake) from the four minute clip available from Something Weird? The film has been dated as circa 1956. The dancer wears pasties and there is no nudity.

Ms. Barr (Juanita Dale Slusher) made one pornographic film, the notorious “Smart Alec” which has circulated under various titles for decades. Far more interesting are her performances in which the performer is revealed as an extraordinary dancer.

Candy Barr’s life, which took her from a small Texas town to the Mob in Vegas, with stops along the way with Jack Ruby and a sentence for Marijuana Possession is well-known. As these stag films in the 1950s were not only of questionable legality, there is virtually no documentation of their production, distribution or origin. That this short film uses the same stage (or set) as the far better known film linked above could add quite a bit to the stripper’s story.

Other versions of Candy’s films have circulated under the titles Boudoir Belle, Delicious, Texas Terror, Big Time Strip and Bitter and Sweet. Whether this film has been anthologized or reissued is unknown at this time, but collectors and scholars are invited to contribute.

More information on Candy Barr, as well as a link to My Tale is Hot is HERE.

Stills from “Vegas Vixon” circa 1956 Stag Film 8mm Collection Victor Minx.


Additional information on Candy Barr on Vintage Sleaze which details her interview with for the Warren Commission is HERE


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