Eight Pagers Maggie and Jiggs Tijuana Bibles F Books The True History of Dirty Comics



Tijuana Bibles. Eight Pagers. Maggie and Jiggs. F-Books. Call them what you will, the little buggers flourished during the 1930s to the 1950s and taught many a young man the sleazy, perverted facts of life at a time when the schools and the parents didn’t dare. 

Not really from Tijuana (except for the REAL Tijuana Bibles shown here for the first time) this hilarious book is a trip through the forbidden hand-drawn smut your grandfather studied with shame and Uncle Sam tried to stomp out with force! 150 Pages  Available in Ebook, Hardcover and Paperback.

TRUE HISTORY OF THE TIJUANA BIBLES is the newest in a series of Dull Tool Dim Bulb Books by Jim Linderman   Hailed by the New York Times as “one of the world’s best pickers” and “The perfect subject for a Harvey Pekar comic” by Dusted, Jim Linderman now turns his quirky eyes and gut bucket research skills to the infamous Tijuana Bibles of the past. Disreputable little comic books intended to arouse the prurient interests of anyone with one in their hand or two in their bush.  Questioning common assumptions, identifying the true creators and shedding light on a darkish, best forgotten art form.

Just what Linderman does best!

With over 100 rare illustrations, photos, documents and previously (very goofy) unpublished news accounts, the true story of these dirty little books comes together in a manner never before.
Fascinating and funny stuff, and no one could tell it quite the way it is told here except the editor of Vintage Sleaze the Blog.  A comic book scholar recently said “Jim is a consummate historian of the obscure yet important cultural influences of vintage smut.”

Let’s see if he is right!

Jim Linderman edits the highly acclaimed DULL TOOL DIM BULB  and VINTAGE SLEAZE THE BLOG websites on a daily basis. Each brings back the most obscure, unusual and true art and photography of the late past. 


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